Top 6 Issues And Solutions

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The purpose of this page is to provide troubleshooting support for the most common harness issues. The great news is most issues that your customer will have are very easy to resolve.

These links take you to Walk Your Dog With Love’s customer support page. Use this information so you can provide fast answers to your customers OR simply send your customer to the direct links so that they can follow the easy self-service customer service procedures.

IS IT ON RIGHT Am I putting the harness on correctly?
Direct Customer To: https://walkyourdogwithlove.com/fitreview

MY DOG CHEWED IT! Chew Happens. Don't sweat it, you're covered.
Direct Customer To: https://walkyourdogwithlove.com/chew

DEFECT It has a manufacturer's defect, a buckle broke, it broke, etc.
Direct Customer To: https://walkyourdogwithlove.com/defect

COMFORT-CHAFING-FIT It isn't comfortable . . .
Direct Customer To: https://walkyourdogwithlove.com/comfort

HOUDINI DOG! Uh oh! My dog can escape from it.
Direct Customer To: https://walkyourdogwithlove.com/houdini

MY DOG STILL PULLS! What can I do...my dog still pulls!
Direct Customer To: https://walkyourdogwithlove.com/stillpulls

IT'S SOMETHING ELSE Just tell us, and we will help you right away
Direct Customer To: https://walkyourdogwithlove.com/contactus



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