Terms Of Agreement

By applying for a Wholesale Account you agree to abide by Walk Your Dog With Love’s Terms of Agreement.

The short version is that you agree a) to only sell/supply our products to the 'end-consumer' (people who will use them with their own dogs), b) that you will do this through your own business or organization’s outreach, not via channels like Amazon or Petco, etc. c) that you are not a Discounter d) if there are any issues, that we will work to resolve them or return your money.

Terms of Agreement:

Our ‘policy’ is that we want things to work out between us, and between you and your customers. So we try to make decisions that enable that; our bottom line is we are here In The Best Interest of Dog. You agree:

To sell/supply Walk Your Dog With Love products only through your own channels. For example: your own online stores, social media pages, your bricks and mortar stores or facilities, your shelter or rescue,  at events/shows/expos/fair, in person, as part of your service (e.g. as a trainer or a dog walker or other dog professional), etc. This list is not meant to be all inclusive or exhaustive.  

- Not to sell on ‘major’ national or international channels. For example: Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Rakatun, Jet, QVC, Home Shopping Network, SiriusXM, Google, Alibaba, Petco, PetSmart, Home Depot, Walmart, L.L. Bean, Orvis, chain stores, catalogs, etc. This list is not meant to be all inclusive or exhaustive.

- To sell/supply only to final end-user customers; this means you are not a Distributor (re-selling our products to someone else who is selling or supplying them to the final end-user consumer). Distributors please contact us about our Distribution Agreement.

To represent our products Uses & Benefits to the best of your abilities. Misrepresentation is not allowed. While you are not a hired representative of our company, you do represent us to the consumer.

- Not to rebrand or sell Walk Your Dog With Love products under other names or trade dress.

- Not to violate our copyrights, patents or other intellectual property. Note: while you are welcome to use your own photos/content, we are happy to provide you our ‘official’ photos/content

To honor other Sellers’ Rights to Fair Profit. Product MSRP’s are noted on each Order page; please use this as your pricing guide.

- To maintain these essential elements of our brand: a) items are premium, hand-crafted, Made in USA products that b) deliver excellent results with c) the strongest consumer guarantee in the industry. Discounted/lowest-price selling is not a sustainable strategy for our brand, so it’s not supported. Consequently, you won’t find us in Big Box stores/Discounters. Please report violations to us.

- That you are not a discounter/lowest-price/off-price marketer

- To abide by our 5% MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) and 5% RPM (Resale Price Maintenance) protocol. This means products won’t be advertised or sold for any less than 5% off the posted MSRP, e.g. if an item’s MSRP is $50, it can’t be advertised - or sold - for less than $47.50.

That if you (or your customers) have any issues, that you will allow us to attempt to resolve them. The final form of resolution is that we will reimburse the cost of the product. This is your (and your customer’s) only form of recourse.

Violation of this agreement means we stop selling to you and take legal action as necessary. These terms shall be governed in accordance with the laws of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Wholesaler agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction of any court (federal, state or local) in Massachusetts for any dispute, claim or proceeding arising out of or relating to this Agreement.



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