Call it what you like! A Dog Vehicle Safety Belt, a K9 Auto Tether, or a dog seat belt - it just makes sense to have one for your dog.


Securing your dog in your car makes sense for many more reasons than just avoiding a ticket!

A Vehicle Safety Belt actually prevents accidents. Most dog/car accidents are caused by a dog that distracted the driver. Many dogs are like jumping beans in the car. They jump from seat to seat or they pace back and forth. A dog seat belt is for them.

Other dogs are very mellow - until you make a sudden stop, or have an emergency steering situation, or maybe it is simply that a truck passes you and honks, or that you are rear ended when you are at a stop light. Now that mellow dog is anxious and scared, and trying to get into your lap. A dog seat belt is for them 

And if you ever do have to slam on the brakes, it is a great idea to have your dog tethered… 

And most importantly - if you are in an accident, and a rescuer opens your door to get you out - your loose dog is likely to run out of the car - and into traffic…or just away. Neither situation is good. And both can be avoided, with a dog seat belt. 

Lastly, Yes…Police are now ticketing for having a loose dog in the car. Some states have specific animal tethering regulations for vehicles. Yet, police in any state can write a ticket for an untethered dog in the car under general 'Distracted Driver' or "Improperly Transporting An Animal" provisions.


Auto Safety Belt

Call it what you like! a dog vehicle safety belt, a K-9 auto tether, or a dog seat belt - it just makes sense to have one for your dog.





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