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Thanks for trying out our World's Best Dog Harness. You'll receive our most popular harness, The Sportso Doggo. It's made of a 3800 lb. test nylon and comes standard with 3M reflective material. Like all of our harnesses, it's crafted in Lanesboro MA from all USA sourced material. If you haven't seen the intro video click here. To read the reviews click here.

Our harness is easy to 'size' - 99.99% of the time all you'll need is a dog's approximate weight - no need for complicated measuring. For finer tuning we ask for a dog's WAG: Weight, Age and Girth (as we measure it). You can see that info here.

So you can have ‘the customer experience’, when you get the harness please a) watch the short How To Fit It video here and b) get in get in touch with us if there are any issues. We're here for you - and your customers - 7 days a week. 

Please make sure to click the Submit button at the bottom when you are done. You'll receive an email with tracking when your harness is shipped - check your spam or junk email box if you don't see it.

PLEASE MAKE SURE that ServiceDog at WalkYourDogWithLove.com is on your approved email list.

 All the questions are required, if a section doesn't apply just type 'NA'. 

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