Drop Shipping Directly To Your Customer

Yes, you can Drop Ship our harnesses and dog gear directly to your customers ... anywhere in the world.

To Drop Ship simply enter your customer's shipping information in the Ship To section of the Checkout page. There is nothing else to ‘do’, nothing to sign up for, no extra fees or charges.  

  • Drop Ship prices on all our items are the same as our regular Wholesale prices. The shipping costs are also just the same. And because we have no minimum order you can order just one or two items at a time; there are no added charges or penalties.
  • Like all orders, your Drop Ship order will be packed and shipped within 24 hours (often even faster). Orders are shipped First Class US Mail, or Priority if the package is heavy. Most orders to the USA take 2-3 days to arrive. To most other countries it's 5-10 days; any hold ups are due to Customs or the local postal delivery service. 
  • International packages are marked as 'gifts' so there is no VAT, local taxes or other fees for your customers to contend with. 
  • Your customer will receive NOTHING with pricing information.
  • Orders are shipped in our fun decorative envelope with a big photograph of a happy dog (Teddy) and the Walk Your Dog With Love logo on it. 
  • Along with the order, your customer will receive a) an instruction card directing them to the online instructional video, and b) a packing slip stating what was ordered, your address and their address.

Drop Shipping is a traditional way of placing an order where we ship directly to your customer.  Drop Shipping lets you place orders and control the sale, without having to deal with the hassles of investing in product, stocking, dealing with inventory issues, and then having to arrange to get the product to your customer - or reshipping it yourself.

Drop Shipping lets you:
- 'Carry’ every item that we make. And as we develop new products you can add those items to your business too.
- Have 'unlimited inventory'. Because we are the manufacturer we are never going to run out - so you will always have items 'in stock'.
- Get products right into your customer’s hands, quickly.
- It's all of the fun, with no other work.



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