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In 2006, frustrated by a pulling dog and the sorry state of existing dog-walking gear, Dan Merson set his sights on making dog walking easier for everyone. He also made it simpler, safer, smarter, and more fashionable.

Since then his chest-attached front-leading harness has been used in millions and millions of miles of walking, hiking and other activities. It quickly became a favorite of Trainers, Vets, Dog Walkers and other dog professionals, as well as hundreds of thousands of dogs…and their people, around the globe.

Based on the 10,000-year-old idea "you walk an animal from the front, not from behind" the deceptively simple design:
- naturally puts the dog in the heel position, and you in the lead
- is the easiest harness in the world to put on and take off: no other dog harness can make this claim
- increases your after-dark safety with the extreme visibility of 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material
- reduces rubbing and chafing that other harnesses can cause
- is half the weight of other harnesses
- offers a variety of styles to suit every kind of dog and every kind of dog walking
- it gets results. And while it doesn't take the place of training, No Training is required, it just works.

Most importantly, it gets people to stop walking their dogs from the neck, which is crucial for so many reasons. No-Choke. No-Pull. More Love.

Testing and Design
Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses and dog gear are handcrafted with care, in Lanesborough Massachusetts, a small town in the heart of the Berkshires. Before being put into production, every product is extensively field tested on thousands and thousands of miles of city sidewalks, suburban sidewalks and country lanes, as well as fields & streams, beaches, and forest & mountain trails. We also work closely with Trainers, Behaviorists, Vets, Physical Therapists, Physiologists, Dog Walkers,and others dog professionals - and of course dogs of all shapes and sizes - to craft the most dog friendly products possible.

All of our products are ‘over-engineered’ for durability. We use 20 stitches per inch where other companies use eight. We use Reinforced Box X Plus tacking stitch pattern where other companies use a single line of stitching. We use three strand nylon Tex 70 thread industrial thread where other companies use single strand. Our most basic harness is made of flexible & lightweight 3800 pound test polypropylene where other companies use rigid and heavy 280 pound cotton. 

All Walk Your Dog With Love dog gear comes with an industry-leading 100% Guarantee.



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