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"This is Chloe my new pup, Cane Corso rescued in Piscataway NJ.  She is 6 moths old and 75 pounds of energy.  This was her first Community Services event and the harness immediately improved my ability to handle her in the large crowds and numerous dogs."




I wanted to write to you to thank you for your continued support of the NJSPCA and our mission to fight animal cruelty in New Jersey.  Your continued sponsorship is greatly appreciated and everyone who has purchased your harness and contacted us, are very pleased.  Without support from people and companies like yours we could not continue our mission. 

We are often approached by companies who offer pet products looking for endorsements.  We are prudent in deciding who we partner with and I am very pleased that we partnered with you and your company.  You offer a quality product that works and you have continued to support our mission.

On a personal note the harness that I purchased has worked wonders for my wife and her daily walks with Mercedes.  Mercedes is a Rotti and Border Collie mix and she has been a difficult dog to walk.  With the Walk Your Dog With Love harness walks have become a pleasure.

Captain Rick Yocum
NJSPCA - Badge #8
Law Enforcement Division

The Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness can take the tug-of-war out of your relationship with your dog, and can make your unruly dog a pleasure to walk! Using your dog’s natural responses, the harness minimizes the training required to promote good behavior, and behavioral issues are the most common reasons that dogs wind up in shelters. The harness is cleverly designed to be easy to put on your dog, further enhancing its usefulness. Good dogs deserve to be great dogs, and the harness can help them to realize their potential. 


Douglas G. Aspros, D.V.M. Director of Bond Animal Hospital, Elmsford NY

- Director of the National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
- Member of the College of Veterinary Medicine Advisory Council
- Member of the Cornell Council



Fans, every day, someone emails wanting us to post their product. 99.9% of these requests we decline, even (and sometimes, especially) those that offer cash for the post. It will be the proverbial cold day in hell before we start pole dancing for corporate sponsors. We most definitely don't roll that way here.

That said, there are some awesome products out there we totally love and we want people to know about them because they help dogs. These are products we're not getting paid to endorse. Let's talk about one.

When we had our adoption event last month, Elizabeth Zaccaro, stepped in dozens of times to help people get control of their bouncing dogs. Dogs that pull on leashes and drag their humans around are dogs that are hard to adopt. She spent the day fitting dogs like that with harnesses made by Walk Your Dog with Love. 

Why do we love these harnesses? Because they rock. They make dogs who don't look promising as adoption candidates because they are unruly on a leash suddenly look amazing. They do it all without causing the dog the slightest bit of discomfort. Anyone who has been advised to use a prong collar to teach their dog to walk nicely on a leash may now officially toss the medieval torture device in the dumpster. Get a Walk with Love Harness. There's no need to be dragged from Point A to Point B by your Saint Bernard. Do the dogs a favor and tell your friends. 

Jean Harrison
Founder, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate both the Walk Your Dog With Love harness itself and the free programs you have for pet rescues. Like yours, my canine pack here is made of resuce and adopted dogs.  We just got our second Walk Your Dog With Love harness for our newest dog, Fiona.  Little Fi my be small, but she's Samoyed and is basically designed to pull.  The harness has made our walks through the forest a lot more fun. I also appreciate the fact that you are making such an effort to help rescues and shelters.  Your online store is a great idea, particularly for businesses rescues, since they don't have to buy anything, stock inventory, or deal with all the online transactions.  The sponsorship program is also helpful for getting dogs off on the right "paw" when they are adopted. I hope more rescues will take advantage of these programs.  Thanks for your commitment to helping the homeless animals. 

Susan Daffron
President, National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals




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