Why No Choke

The No Choke Challenge

Walk Your Dog With Love sponsors The No Choke Challenge in communities across the world. It is a simple idea: people trade in their prong, choker and shock collars, and get a Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness instead.

Watch the videos to see “hard to handle” dogs that “can only be walked with a prong or choke collar” rapidly change into dogs that sweet walking dogs that can easily be Walked With Love.

Trainers, rescues, and other dog professionals, find out how to bring the No-Choke Challenge to your community. Please contact us for details at ServiceDog@WalkYourDogWithLove.com

Bring the No-Choke Challenge to your community
Find out how to put on a Choker Amnesty event sponsored by Walk Your Dog With Love!

K9 Kindness Choker Amnesty at NC State Vet School

K9 Kindness Choker Amnesty at Animal Protection Society dog walk

12 Reasons not to walk with a collar or choker
Outside of just plain Compassion, here are 12 other reasons we don't want to walk a dog with a Choker, Prong, Pincher or even a flat collar. Yes, even if your dog is the best loose leash walking dog in the world!

Many people aren’t even aware or haven’t thought about these anatomical, neurological, respiratory, glandular, etc. problems - though their vets and veterinary surgeons have thought a lot about them. The great news is that 97% of people who learn about these issues instantly ‘understand’, and never walk their dogs from the neck again!

Join our coalition of reward based dog trainers, bloggers, and community members dedicated to humane training and treatment of dogs. Help educate folks about, and promote, compassionate reward based training.      



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